FAQ: Where Can I Buy Beef Shank?

Is there another name for beef shank?

Beef Shank, sometimes known by its more specific names, Fore Shank and Hind Shank – is the leg section of the cow or steer. That’s why beef shank is usually used in stews, osso bucco, beef bourguignon, and other dishes that are cooked slowly.

Are beef shanks expensive?

As it is very lean, it is widely used to prepare very low-fat ground beef. Due to its lack of sales, it is not often seen in shops. However, if found in retail, it is very cheap and a low-cost ingredient for beef stock. Beef shank is a common ingredient in soups.

What cut of beef is similar to shank?

The best substitutes for beef shank are beef arm, oxtail, tendon, chuck roast, silverside, short ribs, silverside, skirt, and veal shank.

Is beef shank a cheap cut?

The shank has all the beefy flavor that you want in a slow-cooking cut, with the added bonus of an exposed marrow-packed bone that adds plenty of sticky richness to soups and stews. These steaks are cheaper than pricey rib chops but every bit as tasty, with good marbling (= flavor!) and a nice fat cap.

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What cut of beef is best for slow cooking?

Here are the very best beef cuts to keep on hand to slow cook:

  • Chuck steak.
  • Round steak.
  • Blade steak.
  • Topside.
  • Silverside.
  • Skirt steak.
  • Shin (gravy) beef.
  • Sausages.

Are beef shanks healthy?

This bone-surrounded-by-meat cut is either unknown by most people or has a reputation for being tough and dry. However, with some simple tips, beef shank can not only save you money, but also provide a nutritious and very flavorful meal.

Why is oxtail so expensive now?

Why has oxtail become so expensive? Oxtail can be pricey due to three factors: availability, demand, and preparation. Because it’s only a small portion of the cow and has become a widely-loved dish requiring a great deal of cooking time, the price of oxtail has sky-rocketed over the years.

What is the cheapest beef cut?

8 Cheap Beef Cuts So Good You’ll Swear Off Ribeye

  • Chuck Steak. This cut of beef is known as the 7-bone steak because, well, it has a lot of bones.
  • Flat Iron. Also in the shoulder, you’ll find a fine steak that sits on the cow’s shoulder bladers.
  • Chuck-Eye Steak.
  • Petite Tender.
  • Tri-Tip Sirloin Steak.
  • Beef Shank.
  • Denver Steaks.

Why are ribs so expensive now?

” Export demand has remained strong, and countries such as China continue to import U.S. pork, which is contributing to high prices,” he said. “The number of hogs in the US has contracted over the course of the past year, in part due to COVID, and the lower supply is pushing up prices.

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What is beef banana shank?

Beef Banana Shanks This cut of beef comes from the upper half of the cow leg. This is not a common cut of meat in Western cuisine but is used heavily in Chinese cuisine for beef noodle soups and braises. It is possible to find the banana shank at Asian markets, and some grassfed beef purveyors will also sell this cut.

What are cross cut beef shanks?

Cross Cut Shanks are exactly that – cross cuts of beef shanks – with rich meat and shank bone in one convenient package. These are great for great for making stews, soups, or an “ossobuco” made with beef instead of veal!

What cut of meat can be substituted for stew meat?

You want large cuts of meat from either the front shoulder or the rear end. These are the specific cuts to look for. Any of them can be used in beef stew or substituted for what your recipe calls for: Chuck, Chuck Shoulder, Chuck Roast, Chuck-Eye Roast, Top Chuck.

Which cuts of meat are cheapest?

The 10 Best Cheap Cuts of Meat You Can Buy

  • Whole Chicken.: Gentl & Hyers.
  • Chicken Leg Quarters.: Lean Timms. National Average: $0.91 per pound*
  • Chicken Thighs.: Erin Kunkel.
  • Chicken Drumsticks.: Jim Franco.
  • Pork Shoulder and Pork Butt.:
  • Ham.: DK Publishing.
  • Ground beef.: Con Poulos.
  • Beef Chuck Roast.: Sara Remington.

What is the cheapest meat you can buy?


  • Chicken Legs – $1.55 per pound.
  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts – $3.41 per pound.
  • Whole Chicken – $1.64 per pound.
  • Ground Beef – $5.60 per pound.
  • Pork Chops (Bone-In) – $4.05 per pound.
  • Pork Chops (Boneless) – $4.29 per pound.
  • Whole Ham – $3.34 per pound.
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What is the cheapest roast to buy?

Beef round roasts, cut from the back leg of the cow, are among the most affordable. They require slow cooking for tenderization. Top round is the best bargain, as it tastes very similar to top sirloin if slowly braised or roasted and sliced thin to enhance its tenderness.

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