Readers ask: How To Stretch Ground Beef?

How do you stretch out ground beef?

But a large quantity of ground beef can get costly and really add up, so using an ingredient to stretch the amount is a great money saver. Fillers to Add to Ground Beef

  1. Oatmeal.
  2. Breadcrumbs.
  3. TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)
  4. Cream of Wheat.
  5. Grated vegetables (try potatoes or carrots)
  6. Cooked beans.
  7. Cooked rice.
  8. Cooked lentils.

How do you stretch ground beef with oats?

Brown your ground beef in a large skillet. Add oats to the ground beef. Mix the oats in until the ground beef and oats are blended really well. The finished product comes out like this.

How do you make meat go further?

Beans, lentils, rice and pasta are cheap and help a dish go further. Add a can of baked beans to a mince dish and you’ll feed an extra mouth or two. Buy fruit and vegetables in season, which will be much cheaper and tastier. Frozen and canned fruit and veges are also economical.

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How do you stretch taco meat?

Ways to Bulk Up/Stretch Taco Meat on the Cheap!

  1. Add a can of Rotel or tomatoes – Rotel is just tomatoes and green chilies.
  2. Beans – I use whatever can of beans I have on hand – black, pinto, red beans.
  3. Rice – I usually make Spanish rice to go with our tacos and sometimes I’ll just toss it into the taco mix.

How do you make ground beef taste good?

For filler and flavor, add chopped herbs and soaked breadcrumbs. Minced garlic, fresh herbs, and dried spices flavor ground meat so effectively because they get mixed right into the center of the meat, unlike with a steak or roast, where the seasoning just sits on the surface.

Does ground beef have fillers?

The ground beef filler—technically called lean, finely textured beef (LFTB)—is made by putting leaner meat trimmings (think excess trim below the hide, or other non-choice scraps) in a centrifuge and treating it with ammonia to remove any bacteria.

How do you stretch ingredients?

One good way to stretch a meal is by adding beans to the meat. They still give you some good protein, but they’re much cheaper and very filling! You can use whatever type of beans you have on hand, dry or canned. This works well for taco meat, chili, enchiladas, soups, and more.

How do you make minced beef go further?

Ways to make mince meat stretch

  1. Use red lentils. Red lentils will soak up the liquid in a bolognese sauce and help thicken the mixture.
  2. Add pureed carrots. Kids and adults with an aversion to vegetables can spot grated carrots a mile away.
  3. Try grated zucchini.
  4. Add beans.
  5. Buy spinach.
  6. Add pearl barley.
  7. Use tomatoes.
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What do you put on a burger?

20 Best Burger Toppings for Your Next Cookout

  1. of 20. Sautéed Peppers and Onions.
  2. of 20. Green Chiles.
  3. of 20. Bacon.
  4. of 20. Barbecue Sauce.
  5. of 20. All the Fixings.
  6. of 20. Buffalo Sauce.
  7. of 20. Pesto Mayo.
  8. of 20. Caramelized Onions and Blue Cheese.

How do you make food stretch further?

You can also save on prepared and convenience foods with a little DIY — and it’s better for your health.

  1. Use as much as possible.
  2. Stock up on low-cost staples.
  3. Freeze foods promptly.
  4. Make it a leftover night.
  5. Make a single serving soup.
  6. Roast those veggies.
  7. Clean out the fridge with a stir-fry.
  8. Turn a salad into a meal.

How do you stretch meat sauce?

Some other ideas for stretching your sauce, which I didn’t use but are options:

  1. Add a little beef broth.
  2. Add some cream.
  3. Add a can of tomato soup.
  4. Add canned tomato sauce or tomato paste with some water (and maybe some extra Italian seasoning)

How do you stretch ground beef for tacos?

In general, use ¼ to ½ cup (23 to 46 g) whole or rolled oats for every pound (454 g) of ground beef. To stretch ground beef in dishes such as tacos, chili, casseroles, and pasta sauces, you can also substitute bulgur wheat, which is a type of whole wheat.

How do you bulk out meatballs?

The best way to have a moist, juicy meatball is to bulk it up a bit! Take your favorite grater and grate carrots, squash, or zucchini into any meatball mixture. They add bulk, moisture and vitamins, but they don’t mess with that meaty flavor you want. Vegetables add healthy fiber to your meatballs.

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What are meat fillers?

Food fillers are additives that help bulk up the weight of a food with less expensive ingredients, which helps keep the price down. Fillers are mainly found in the meat processing industry, and processed meats, like hamburger and sausage, are the best candidates to contain fillers.

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